Amazon web services/ AWS

What is Amazon Web Service?

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the structure that Amazon built to manage its retail operations in 2007. It is the first company to present a pay as you go cloud computing model, which aims to offer its users with computing, throughput, and storage as needed.

AWS is a safe and protected cloud services platform. With AWS as our technology partner, we can offer our clients with content delivery, database storage, compute power and more. These functionalities allow us to help our clients with their business growth. AWS offers their services from more than a dozen data centers which are spread across the world. AZ (availability zone) is the term which represents a location that generally contains physical data centers. The AWS Cloud has 55 AZ in 18 different regions around the world. Simply put, Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the cloud computing providers who offer networking, storage, computing and a large number of other related services required by your business for which you can pay according to your usage.

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AWS Business Benefits

The benefits of Amazon AWS include:

  • Flexible: AWS allows you to the select the programming language, database, operating system, web application, and other relevant services. You can receive a virtual environment with AWS that allows you to load the services and software’s your application require.
  • Easy to Use: Amazon web service is specially designed to offer application providers, vendors, ISVs, to securely host your applications whether it is a new one or an existing SaaS- Based application.
  • Cost Effective: The user has to pay for power, storage, and resources they use, with no long-term contracts. It is the most cost-effective server available in the market today.

With AWS, new services are provisioned swiftly. It does not require any upfront cost. This allows start-ups, and small and medium sized businesses to access the building block they require for a rapid response to the evolving needs of their businesses.