0005_hybrid Cloud & Digital Transofrmation | SKYE TechnologiesAs business technology advances, so do cybersecurity threats. Ransomware, phishing, and botnets are only a few of the tools cybercriminals use to steal and exploit your assets—and the list of threats will continue to grow from year to year. Many small to medium-sized businesses may not have the resources needed to secure sensitive business operations and customer information from prying hands.

Fortunately, SonicWall managed cybersecurity services work around the clock to keep your growing business safe. Since 1991, SonicWall has worked to serve network and cyber security solutions to businesses around the globe. If you’re thinking about guarding your assets against the advances of cybercriminals, consider the following benefits SonicWall has to offer.


360 Degree Protection

Setting up a firewall and monitoring office computers is not enough to secure your modern workplace. In the always-connected workforce, employees may access sensitive network information from several entry points. Personal laptops, desktops, and smartphones are all used to download and upload assignments. Mobile users can access your network with secure VPN remote access for Windows, Apple iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Kindle Fire devices and be assured that it is safe, secure, and free from threats.
SonicWall meets the need for comprehensive security and provides secure mobile access from any platform your employees need access to email, files, and applications. The program offers the following services:

  • Intrusion prevention
  • Gateway anti-virus
  • Antispyware
  • Content/URL filtering
  • Enforced client anti-virus
  • Anti-spam services

Increase Productivity

The National Security Alliance found that about 60 percent of small businesses close six months after suffering a cyber-attack. These closures are due to either catastrophic loss of data or major loss of productivity. Using cybersecurity techniques can stop catastrophic attacks, but productivity is still at risk without a comprehensive management system. Spam, unauthorized web activity, and social networking traffic can all bog down your essential programs. Furthermore, the amount of traffic being scanned by your firewall, as well as the increasing amount of threats and malware attacking it, is quickly becoming more than many firewalls can handle. SonicWall is designed to ensure your business-critical applications have the bandwidth they need with content and application control tools. SonicWall also protects organizations without slowing down networks and provides fast, reliable performance.

Cutting-edge Defense

Securing your network takes a variety of applications working in unison, state-of-the-art programs, the latest hardware items, and the knowledge to manage them all. The expenses in maintaining IT workforce and technology can climb quickly. With SonicWall, cybersecurity costs as much as any other utility. SonicWalls comprehensive suite of applications have the following capabilities:

  • Block viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and polymorphic “zero-day” malware at the gateway, before they reach your network
  • Prevent “drive-by downloads” from infected websites
  • Mitigate denial-of-service and flooding attacks
  • Detect protocol anomalies and buffer overflow attacks
  • Stop network traffic from geographical regions and IP addresses associated with cybercriminals
  • Block outbound cybercriminals botnet “command and control” traffic from stealing your customer lists, engineering designs, trade secrets, and other confidential information
  • Control access to websites containing unproductive and inappropriate content
  • Ensure high-priority applications (CRM, order processing) receive more bandwidth than less urgent applications (chat, video streaming)

Modern businesses can find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Maintaining a sales pipeline and effectively distributing goods and services relies on the smart leverage of IT resources. While technology is a necessity, it can be expensive to update, maintain, and protect. SonicWall offers strong, flexible, and enduring cyber-security solutions. SKYE Technologies is a proudly certified vendor of SonicWall and other managed IT services. If you’re interested in learning more about technologies that can benefit your business and IT program.