Computer hardware and software drive inbound and outbound sales efforts protect company assets, and poise companies to become leaders in their field. For small and medium-sized businesses, managing IT resources can quickly become overwhelming as business interest grows. In-house IT departments must purchase and maintain hardware, manage and protect software, and continue to train and learn the best practices in a competitive, fast-moving industry. With a few setbacks, these tasks at hand can very quickly become daunting. Fortunately, cloud-computing alleviates pressure to keep up with the demands of IT while also delivering excellent services. Before moving over to “the cloud,” a business might ask, “What is the cloud?”

What is cloud-computing?

Cloud computing as it is known today first came into existence in the ‘00s, with Amazon, Google, and NASA testing beta versions across various platforms. Essentially cloud computing is a system that allows computing power and services to be delivered over the internet. Instead of building advanced infrastructure in-house, companies can use the cloud to access off-site networks of servers, databases, software, and analytics. Cloud computing offers many benefits including cost-effectiveness, security, and productivity. This article will evaluate each of these advantages.



One server can range between $1,500 and $12,000. This initial hardware cost can be massive for a small business, and that’s even considering the equipment and knowledge the goes into setting up the server network, or the possibility that a cyber-attack could make that one server and any others unusable. Between computers, cables, monitors, routers, voice systems, servers, and electricity, not to mention hardware and software maintenance, IT costs can quickly go over budget. By using cloud computing, your company can IT costs in the following ways.

•    The cost of system upgrades, new hardware and software may be included in your contract

•    No longer need to pay wages for expert staff

•    Energy consumption costs may be reduced

•    Less latency

0000_piblic Vs Private Cloud | SKYE TechnologiesSafe and Secure

The statistics for small business cyber-attacks are alarming. According to a small business trends report, over 40 percent of cyber-attacks target small businesses. Worse than that, Verizon Data research found that about 60 percent of businesses fail after facing a critical cyber-attack. The truth is, securing IT assets from hackers is a difficult and crucial responsibility. IT professionals must be able to build networks with strong defenses, research and prepare for the latest trends in hacking, and train staff on cyber-security best practices. Although cybersecurity risks to businesses can be frightening, cloud computing offers ready-made solution. All the responsibility of securing IT functions will be placed in the hands of large corporations with access to the latest security technology and massive staff resources. Cloud computing’s added layers of security are included in the service cost and ensure that your important data is backed up and protected.


Productivity is often hindered and increased by the smallest factors. Emailing files back and forth, printing out paper documents, and holding meetings to view singular documents all conspire to eat time and productivity. When employees can use cloud services, that allow them to access work software from anywhere, productivity can increase dramatically. Furthermore, digital collaboration systems that work over cloud networks increase communication and team functionality. Finally, when your IT expert is free to focus on optimizing your business solutions and serving the needs of fellow employees, they may be able to discover unique opportunities for your company.



Cloud computing gives your company the IT solutions it needs to succeed. All cloud computing systems can lower IT costs, bolster security, and increase productivity, but not all cloud computing systems are created equally. Google Cloud beats its competitors with it’s dedication to continued expansion, great performance, and private global fiber network. If you want to know what cloud computing can do for you, reach out to SKYE Technologies. Our trained and certified IT managers are ready to give you the advice, service, and power to meet your unique goals.