Onsite Support

When you call our office, you are connected directly to an engineer who can assist you with your problems.

Built-In Flat-Rate Support

While many of our clients prefer remote support because it is efficient, we understand that there are some times where onsite support is preferred. Our computer service in Louisville can instantly dispatch one of our expert technicians to fix on-site problems. We know that onsite support is a fundamental element when it comes to delivering high quality managed IT services and SKYE Technologies offers the on-site support your business needs to run smoothly.

At SKYE Technologies, we offer onsite support at a built-in flat rate along with our managed IT services, for business who value the ability to always have ongoing IT support. Your standard agreement with our computer service in Louisville includes built-in 24×7 emergency contact support services at a flat rate. Our computer service in Louisville takes great pride in working with a customer-centric approach, so we are an extension of your business.

Get connected in under 60 seconds!

We have engineers waiting to pick up your phone call.

Personalized, Professional Help

When our clients contact us over the phone, they are connected right away to an engineer who fully understands their problem and provides them with the help they need to get back, up, and running. We will answer your call within 60 seconds, and 98% of our support calls are responded to by a LIVE technician. Through our on-site support, our computer service in Louisville allows us to become your technology partner. SKYE Technologies will support you in maximizing your business’ efficiency by providing personalized solutions and professional help that maintains, stabilizes, and streamlines your technology. By generating enhanced business stability, more satisfactory work environments, better efficiency, and greater productivity, you can focus on your business and leave the IT up to us.

Our onsite support also includes an onsite visit for any new installation. Our account manager often stops by at your facility, as a part of our proactive working approach, to check how things are running. This provides our clients with the opportunity to have a personalized consultation about their IT support without leaving the office. Our onsite proactive support always takes the responsibility to ensure that your hardware does not experience any issue during installation and your data is always secure.