Network Design and Installation

Network design built into your monthly price? ABSOLUTELY!

Network Re-Design

Your computer network is at the core of your business. Therefore it’s essential that it’s engineered and installed correctly to ensure maximum reliability. It is crucial that your business network design works for you, not against you. SKYE Technologies has the experience to provide our clients with a secure network design from start to finish. By building your network around your specific needs, our engineers will give your infrastructure everything your business needs to be successful and allow for growth.

Network redesign is included with our managed IT services, so every one of our clients gets the best working network possible. Once you’ve signed on for our managed IT services, we walk through our process of rebuilding your network. First, we evaluate your existing network and find out where the pitfalls are. After we’ve gotten to know your business, we can plan a new network that will allow for faster speeds, easier downloading, or any other IT needs you currently have. When you have an IT system that is built around your needs, you’ll have a strong backbone to build your business on.

Your network is the backbone to your IT.

Make sure it’s strong with SKYE Technologies’ network redesign.

Your Virtual IT Department

As your virtual IT department, we can work with your current IT staff or handle everything on our own. When you need to relocate to a new office, SKYE Technologies can help you manage and monitor the transition to ensure every piece of hardware is where it needs to be. Moving your IT to a data center? Trust your partners at SKYE Technologies to migrate data, manage, and monitor all of your important information. Since our network design and installation is included in our flat-fee pricing model, you can take advantage of getting the network you need to be successful without breaking the bank. Once your business network design has been implemented, we will continue to provide you with the proper aspects of managed IT services.

The designing and installation of a secure network design provide your business with a solution that will enhance your IT environment and streamline business operations. The backbone of your IT is your network, shouldn’t it be strong?