Managed Systems

Our managed system services always make sure that the data is secure, protected, and backed up.

Transparent Structure

While many businesses are collocating or making use of cloud storage, many are still reliant on their in-house employees for managing systems. SKYE Technologies’ managed system services allow for the management of your IT infrastructure at an economical cost, without causing any extra cost burden on your business.

When you partner with SKYE Technologies, our software for managed system services will be installed on each and every computer. Whether it be desktop, laptop, or server, this software will deliver efficient monitoring, upholding, and the managing of your systems around the clock. Our managed system services are planned so we can prevent as many system issues as possible, and remediate any inevitable incident at the earliest sign of intrusion. With the help of managed systems, we provide our clients with a more secure network, because all security patches and updates are updated automatically. Forgetting or ignoring updates? SKYE Technologies has a solution to that.

Planning your IT future is tough.

That’s why we offer flat-rate billing – easy & simple.

Flat Rate MSP

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a predictable IT pay structure? We thought so too. Our reliable managed system services can take on a few or all of your IT systems. As your partner in business and IT, we will help you plan for your IT future on a management level. As your managed service provider, we offer managed system services at a flat rate which makes it convenient to predict monthly IT cost with our simple and easy to understand packages and billing.

Having your systems managed by SKYE Technologies will provide you with the peace of mind that your everyday IT requirements are being taken care of. Our managed system services empower your employees to improve their productivity because they don’t have to look after the maintenance of your IT infrastructure and see much lower downtime.