Managed Security

Protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Security and Patching

As a managed security services provider (MSSP), SKYE Technologies installs, monitors, and maintains all IT security aspects required for a regular work environment including firewalls, patching, updates, security policies, and laptop encrypting.

With the continuous emergence of new security threats, managed security services have become essential to keep businesses protected. With many applications, computers, workstations, and servers supporting your business, the task of maintaining a secure network and patching issues requires constant concentration. As your managed security service provider (MSSP) SKYE Technologies will provide managed security services and patching services, which includes software patches and updates for your business, all at a flat-rate. Some IT companies outsource their security solutions, but SKYE Technologies ensures the complete protection by hiring the best computer engineers to help fulfill our goal of keeping you and your data safe. Our staff takes care of all updates and patches, so your IT infrastructure performs seamlessly without security risks. By letting SKYE take care of your security, you will know your data and network is safe from security risks.

We hire the best IT security engineers,

and never outsource our security services.

Email Security

Our managed security services also include email security, which offers email filtering to protect your business from spam, phishing, and emails with viruses. As your MSSP, we provide IT security services that will identify phishing attacks, Trojans, malware, and over 99% of spam email – separating or discarding threats to your security. Filtering rules are continuously updated to keep your business secure from the continually growing security threats. Our email security offers up-to-date protection without needing you to keep an eye on it.

Our managed security services are handled by our expert technicians, who make sure complete security updates and patches are done quickly and efficiently. We understand that security is one of the most significant concerns of businesses and we work hard to ensure that you have one less thing to worry about.