IT Consulting/VCIO

The an expert’s help in planning your IT future.

IT Strategy Consulting

Our Account Manager or virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) provides IT consulting services to establish custom-made development strategies, which are focused towards the future of your IT and how to plan for it.

At SKYE Technologies we offer IT strategy consulting to businesses through our IT consulting services from our vCIO. With the lack of IT strategy consulting, any business can flounder in the future of their IT planning. Our IT consulting services fill this gap in to enhance productivity. Along with the implementation of strategic IT planning, we also equip your business for what is coming in the future. Our IT strategy consulting gives a reliable and independent look at how your business can plan for the future. With our pricing, you get this service at no extra cost.

What's a vCIO cost?

Don’t worry, it’s already worked into our flat rate!

Account Manager Visits

Our account managers visit our clients on a regular basis or whenever a client needs additional support. They are there to make sure your business doesn’t have any IT related issues, and they assess how your IT technicians are performing while looking for ways to improve. Our account managers will provide you with the guidance on planning for yearly upgrades, budgets, and the implementation of new technologies. Our IT consulting services also assist our clients in the identification of existing weaknesses in the current IT infrastructure. Moreover, they help in evaluating the severity of any issues and then set up their priority for their resolution. Our account managers act as a beacon for your business so you can lead the industry when it comes to IT.

With our IT consulting services, our clients get the benefits of years of experience, which is equal to the expertise of an entire team for IT strategy consulting. With SKYE Technologies you have an entire team ready to help your business take your IT to the next level.