Disaster Recovery/BCP

Protect your IT and you protect your entire business.

IT Disaster Recovery Plan

IT disaster recovery services by SKYE Technology proficiently assist businesses to recover rapidly from any disruption and that too in a cost-efficient manner. We do this by helping you develop an IT disaster recovery plan and strategies, aligned with the fundamental needs of your organization. We thoroughly evaluate your organizational practices and business objectives in order to protect your business resiliency.

In case you are thinking what a disaster recovery plan is, it is a business plan, which thoroughly describes the way for a quick and effective recovery of your business operations, in case of a disaster. IT disaster recovery plan is an integral part of any business continuity plan and applied to aspects of a business, which depend on an IT structure in order to function effectively. With IT disaster recovery services by SKYE Technologies, you can significantly minimize your organizational risks and assure complete protection of your data assets.

Never outsourced to a third party.

Our Disaster Recovery plan is always handled by certified professionals at SKYE Technologies.

Data Recovery Plan Included

For your convenience, data recovery plan is included with the managed IT service offered by SKYE Technologies. We intend to use a standby server in an event where your main server undergoes a crash. In such scenarios where your office building suffers from a disaster, our IT disaster recovery plan can provide an offsite data center, which can be utilized as a temporary data center in order to make sure that your business productivity faces a minimum disruption.  All the work that goes into putting an IT disaster recovery plan into place, network monitoring and actually performing data recovery is already included in the billing model, adding more value to our IT disaster recovery services.

Our IT disaster recovery services make sure that IT disaster recovery plans are regularly maintained and tested to assure the readiness and accessibility of the data recovery in the event of a disaster.