Data Protection

A spare server could be the difference between getting your business up and running or being unable to open ever again.

Regular Data Backups

Data protection services from SKYE Technologies you to form a data protection policy and offers data protection on hardware and cloud data. We provide the tools and technologies required for the implementation of a data protection policy across your organization and ensure compliance with your data protection policy. For total, consistent data backup and protection, there’s only one name you need to trust – SKYE Technologies.

SKYE Technologies’ data protection service offers state-of-the-art data protection services to ensure you never lose one minute of work. Our data protection feature gets incorporated into your organization’s current data protection policy. We also offer cloud data protection with the objective to secure both physical and virtual environments. Data protection services from SKYE provide the regular data backups of your data saved on hardware as well as cloud data protection. We offer consistent data backups on a daily basis but can customize it according to your business’ needs.

Don't let your organization become a statistic!

Protect yourself with Data security from SKYE Technologies.

Offsite Data Backup

We bring an additional server as a part of our agreement for managed IT services without any additional cost to be implemented as an on-location backup for your primary server. We’ve found that having this extra server is like having a spare tire for those ‘just in case’ scenarios. In addition to adding an extra server, after every successful data backup, each backup is replicated to our data center so that we can keep multiple copies of your data for both onsite and offsite data backup. When it comes to data protection, we make sure that every data backup is encrypted when in transit as well as when at rest so your data will never fall into the wrong hands.

SKYE Technologies will create a custom-made data protection plan to allow for total flexibility and targeted data protection specific to your business’ needs. Our data protection services also help ease the burden of responsibility from your in-house workforce by consistently handling continuous data protection requests.