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Healthcare Managed Service Providers

Each type of Healthcare facility deals with an increased pressure to integrate technology into their practices. A number of healthcare physicians choose to maintain their focus on their patients and prefer to have a healthcare managed service provider for the IT management. When it comes to select a trusted partner from healthcare managed service providers, SKYE Technology is the best choice.

As your preferred healthcare managed service provider, we understand that every healthcare facility is different and needs dynamic IT assistance in order to make sure that your patients are highly satisfied. Among other healthcare managed service providers, SKY technologies offer customizable set of services with the objective to streamline the technological aspect of your medical practice. This means that you have all your time to focus on your core business and areas of expertise.

Increase your compliance with HIPPA.

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HIPPA Compliance

As your managed service provider, SKYE Technologies can help you to keep your patients’ data safe and manage the needs of your clients and staff. We can handle all the technical challenges associated with the confidentiality and safety of patients’ records. We intend to help you by substantially alleviating the burden of HIPPA compliance. We can effectively deal with the increasing complications related with HIPPA compliance. We have the right tools and policies in place to make sure your healthy facility practices are in complete compliance with HIPPA regulations.

SKYE Technologies offer a complete range of managed IT services for the healthcare industry. We offer HIPAA-compliant healthcare information technology solutions along with on-site workforce augmentation, support for server and application, distant and collocated structure, and disaster recovery platforms. Moreover, we offer strategic planning, system integration, and IT program management. We also handle the cost management for deployment of advanced technologies and adoption of innovative practices. Being the healthcare managed service provider, we work with all sizes of healthcare practices.