Structured Cabling

Small business, large business, or server room – we cable it all!

Structured Cabling Installation

A properly installed and designed structured cabling system offers an IT infrastructure that provides superior performance and has the ability to accommodate changes in workflow, and also provides redundancy, maximum system availability, and the best usability of the cabling system.

Structured cabling, wiring, network cables, data and voice cabling, and Ethernet cabling are all terms that are used for structured cabling. Usually, structured cabling is the fiber of copper wiring within a business’ walls that connects to your phone, wireless access point, computer, printers, cameras, and more together and to the internet. These cables also provide power to electronic devices and without these cables, you could not access your business’ network. As your cabling contractors, SKYPE Technologies knows that structured cabling installation is one of the most important parts of your data and voice network. Without the proper cabling installation, your network will be sluggish, inefficient, and unable to grow. SKYE Technologies uses high-quality products in our structured cabling installation that are backed by manufacturer warranties and since we are low voltage subcontractors, we know this job better than others.

Give your business the ability to grow.

Structured cabling from SKYE Technologies will allow for future growth.

Custom IT Infrastructure

The way of doing business is changing and with it, IT is as well. Today, the infrastructure of a network is powerful, faster, and requires more security and scalability than ever before. Cloud virtualization, mobility, and computing can save money and time while ensuring disaster recovery solutions with greater security. Our highly-skilled cabling contractors work closely with our IT managers to upgrade and build efficient, fast, and cost-effective structured cabling solutions. Because we have years of experience developing custom networks, we have found many ways to give your business the IT infrastructure it needs to run workstations and BYOD.

At SKYE Technologies our structured cabling provides better network performance, improved application performance, network solutions, mobile security, and disaster recovery solutions all customized for your business.