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Network Security and Firewall Devices

Connecting to the internet on a computer without any protection is like leaving your house with the doors open, so anyone can come in and take whatever you have in your house. To protect your computer, you need to secure your network by installing network security and firewall devices in addition to setting up a hardware-based firewall for backup.

A firewall is a network security device that monitors outgoing and incoming traffic and then blocks traffic that is deemed unsafe or could contain viruses. Firewalls create a barrier between controlled and secured internal networks that can trust or block the outside network. Network firewall security has been the main line of computer defense for over 26 years and continues to keep computer networks safe. There are two different types of Firewall protection:

  • Hardware Firewall: The hardware firewalls are tangible components that also require software to run. These components contain a virtual private network (VPN) which includes antivirus, antispyware, VPN support, antispam, and other security options. It is easy to maintain hardware firewall solutions because they don’t require individual monitoring to keep networks safe continuously.
  • Software Firewall: To protect a series of computers, we will install a firewall on each computer. These firewalls require a license and must be maintained with updates all handled by SKYE Technologies.

Getting familiar with your business’ needs will help us work together to find the best solution to keeping your network protected.

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Network Firewall Security

The concept behind network firewall security is that they are designed to filter internet traffic. Firewalls check incoming internet traffic and have evolved to offer more flexibility and efficiency.

The installation of hardware firewalls and software firewalls are necessary for all businesses because no business is safe without the optimum security level. SKYE Technologies provides and installs software and hardware firewalls to secure your business’ network and IT infrastructure.