0000_dell | SKYE TechnologiesDell is an American computer technology company. Their services cover everything from building, selling, repairing, and supporting personal Dell computers and their other relevant products. Dell has a very diversified portfolio of products. They sell personal devices like computers, cameras, printers, and MP3 Players. Not limited to personal use, Dell also sells professional products like servers, data storage devices, network switches, and software.

They were not content to just be a hardware company. Dell acquired Perot Systems in 2009 and entered the IT services industry. Since then, the company has made several more acquisitions all over the tech world. They have expanded their reach into areas like data storage and networking solutions. Dell is no longer just a tech hardware company. They can now offer complete tech services for professional customers.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is the result of the combination of Dell and the EMC Corporation, which later became known as Dell EMC. At the time in 2015, Dell buying EMC was called “the highest-valued tech acquisition in history” by BBC NEWS. Dell paid $67 billion to acquire EMC. Dell’s PC business and all of its subsidiaries joined with EMC Corporation and all of its subsidiaries.

The end-result was Dell Technologies. It is now the parent company of Dell Client Solutions Group and all other parts of the Dell family of businesses. Dell Technologies is a combination of 7 different companies that all function separately and work together.

  • Dell: Continuing their pedigree of innovation for devices and tech ecosystems in every walk of life.
  • Dell EMC: offers a structure to upgrade, automate, and transform your data centers.
  • Pivotal: is changing how businesses create and operate their software so they can take advantage of modern platforms and cutting-edge tech.
  • RSA: provides professionally motivated security options for companies of all sizes.
  • SecureWorks: builds security solutions geared towards finding and stopping data breaches or cyber-based attacks.
  • Virtustream: is your answer to cloud-based computing. Their solutions can handle the most complicated and mission-critical applications.
  • VMware: brings everything together. They assist your digital transformation by managing, securing, and connecting all your services from across the cloud to your physical devices.

Dell Laptops

Dell has not forgotten how to build a quality product. Despite diversifying their business, they are still an industry-leading supplier of laptops. Their hardware remains at the top of the market with the 8th generation Intel core processor and premium gaming laptops. They now have facilities all over the world and have become one of the biggest manufacturers worldwide. For the Dell branch alone, they have over 40,000 team members in over 85 countries. They have also maintained facilities in U.S. states like Texas, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Washington, and Georgia.

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