94688471 [converted] 01 | SKYE TechnologiesThere are more than 250,000 cases of malware roaming around today. Every day companies are being compromised by phishing attacks, ransomware invasions, trojan horse strikes, and several other types of cyber dangers. Protective data security is more important than ever before. Just because your company has the right policies and procedures in place doesn’t mean your employees will always be safe from harm.

Your employees need to know how to recognize and prevent these types of risks:

  • Phishing emails
  • Password attacks
  • Denial-of-service
  • Rogue software
  • Drive-by-downloads
  • Spam traps
  • Botnets
  • SQL injections

Ignorance isn’t always blissful. Hackers will always find a way to prey on incompetent employees in any workforce. A strong layer of defense won’t stop cybercriminals from trying to gain unauthorized access into your network. Their determined to pull off a data breach and secure personal information that your company covets.

Today, most cyber issues mainly start from the ground level. While it’s important for you to stand your ground, it’s even more crucial for your employees to do the same. Security training is more than an educational program. It’s a critical necessity. One network strike can hinder your entire operation. Take precaution and learn how to deter threats away with ease.

These are the top cybersecurity education and training programs for employees to partake in:

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

NIST is the top cyber education resource across the nation. The NIST provides businesses with comprehensive training modules. It covers everything from configuration/vulnerability management to cryptography, identity/access management, risk management, and beyond. By taking part in one of the NIST training courses, you’ll have complete access to all the right resources. This includes training guides, publications, and information about professional expos and other live events.

In 2016 a devastating ransomware attack struck several businesses worldwide. Once the dust settled, the National Institute for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) launched a quarterly newsletter that revolves around the latest cybersecurity news and best practice strategies. If you’re looking for updates about the latest trends in cyber protection, then this is the right resource for you. Sign up for the NICE newsletter today.

Digital Defense Incorporated (DFI) 

DFI takes a proactive approach to evaluating every type of security risk. From spear phishing to text messaging and social media invasions, you’ll get an in-depth look at every type of cyber-attack. The DFI training program is a comprehensive strategy used to help companies identify vulnerabilities and define effective defense plans.

Establish Data Protection Today:

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