Hybrid Cloud

Get the benefits of a private and public cloud all rolled into one.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

Cloud computing is the major focus of corporate analysts and IT decision makers for a number of years. For long, many organizations, which have been too conscious about security are hesitant to move data into the cloud. As of today, with the underlying hybrid technology behind cloud services available for utilization, a fresh and new model of cloud technology is gaining popularity in business, which is known as the hybrid cloud.

Hybrid cloud is the combination of more than one public cloud providers with a hybrid cloud infrastructure or a private cloud platform that is designed for a single organization. The infrastructure of both public and private cloud in a hybrid cloud arrangement are independent and distinct elements. This technology allows organizations and businesses to store privileged and private data on the private cloud, along with all the abilities of the public cloud to run applications that rely on this data.

Not sure which cloud will work best for you?

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The hybrid cloud model provides IT decision makers with more control over public and private components. This helps in increasing flexibility and efficiency to fulfil the distinct requirements of an organization. Hybrid cloud solutions include a model with the ability to have on-ground hybrid cloud infrastructure that can support the workload of your business. SKYE Technologies offers to build out the private end of a hybrid cloud, which allows flexibility in your server design.

SKYE Technologies offers Hybrid cloud solutions that can maximize the efficiency of an organization through an integrated cloud service, which utilize both public and private cloud functions within the same organization. This technology will help the organizations to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently. In addition to that, hybrid cloud solutions organize the requirements of your business to support you with management and further development of your business.