Hosted Private Cloud

Keep your documents private with a hosted private cloud from SKYE Technologies.

Private Cloud Provider

Cloud services have been adopted widely, and still, some organizations are concerned about losing personally identifiable information and protecting highly sensitive data while using the cloud. That is where SKYE Technologies comes in – we provide our clients a hosted private cloud environment to alleviate the worries of data security in the cloud.

In a private cloud hosting model, data center facilitates, the overall infrastructure, the cooling, and power, as well as other security options, are provided by the service provider. If you are wary about sharing your essential data with a public cloud provider, working with a hosted private cloud can eliminate the worry. Skye Technologies offers the same redundancy, reliability, performance, and uptime as the public cloud and we do it all while keeping your private information safe. With a billing model like a monthly utility bill, it is similar to the public cloud but gives you the peace-of-mind you deserve. We provide you with a wide range of services with the satisfaction that your data is safe and protected in private cloud hosting.

Flexibility and Customization -

Get what you need specifically for your business.

How Many Cloud Service Provider are there?

While the number of cloud service providers grows every day, understanding who to trust your data with is more important. The debate over public cloud versus private cloud will continue because each business requires different needs. We strive to work with your company to offer many different cloud computing solutions – private, public, and hybrid options can help your business get the most out of a cloud environment.

At SKYE Technologies we are committed to providing you with a secure private cloud to protect your essential information. We are not just protecting your data; we are also offering recoverable production environment for your private data and other applications for a full cloud hosting solution.