Cloud Migration

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Cloud Migration Services

The technological needs of the businesses are growing at a fast pace and at the same time the capacity of IT for innovation has been decreasing. In order to fill the gap between the capacities of IT and growing business demand, there is a requirement of innovative IT infrastructure and services.

SKYE Technologies offers cloud migrations services that help in moving business process, applications, and IT infrastructure of a company to the cloud. Cloud migration is the key to bridge the gap in IT capacity and business demand. Cloud migration services can also be used to determine the areas of risk and opportunities for performance improvements and availability of core business functions. Our cloud computing migration improves performance, minimize risk, and initiate effective procedures, which will lead to future business growth.

We offer following cloud migration services:

  • Data Migration.
  • Infrastructure Migration.
  • Application Migration.
  • Platform Migration.

With our cloud expertise and small business knowledge-

We make sure your transition is smooth and works right the first time.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Regardless of your idea related to migration of your current IT structure to cloud, there are a number of different strategies that can entertain your cloud migration approach. During the cloud migration, it is possible to leave behind a few applications running in the local data center while rest moves to the cloud. You can choose the cloud migration strategy according to the needs of your business from the following:

  • Repurchasing: This cloud migration strategy means to discard a legacy application and deploy a commercially available software. It reduces the need for a development team when business functions require a quick change.
  • Re-hosting: It involves redeploying applications to a cloud-based hardware, which makes the necessary changes to the application’s host. This cloud migration strategy provides an easy cloud migration solution.

At SKYE Technologies cloud migration services are designed to migrate virtual and physical workload to the cloud, with no or minimal risk.