0002_in House It Assessment | SKYE TechnologiesServers, routers, desktops, and network boxes can quickly exhaust an IT budget. After these initial hardware costs, a business will then have to invest in software that both streamlines business operations and protects sensitive consumer information. Finally, an IT professional’s salary and training requirements will only increase over time. A respectable amount of a business’ budget will be spent on IT needs, and that’s not even considering the possibility of a debilitating cyber-attack. Although IT costs can be daunting, managed IT services can alleviate a lot of the hassle and create business opportunities for a reasonable price. As technology advances at blinding speed, outsourcing IT services has become more common and valuable. By working with an IT partner, businesses can focus on operations and accelerating growth. In this article, the benefits of managed IT services will be considered.


Competitive Edge

Let’s say your business would benefit from optimizing call center operations with a Voice Over Internet Protocol system. Even though these phone systems are praised for their ease of use, they are still prone to malfunction and operate best under the management of a trained IT professional. With in-house staffing, training and supporting staff members to correctly implement and maintain the new project can takes days, weeks, or months. A managed IT solution saves time and money by connecting you with industry experts at the very start of your project. Managed IT professionals can support your hardware and software needs by acting as your vendor liaison. This allows your business to quickly take advantage of new opportunities and generate more business.


Reduce IT Costs

Imagine a cybercriminal targets your network with ransomware. Before your in-house IT team has detected the threat, ransomware has spread from your server to several desktops and devices inside your business. By the time the threat has been resolved, your business has lost hardware, software, and workforce hours to this threat. Furthermore, your IT staff may request more training and access to updated software and hardware to prepare for future attacks. Outsourced IT management can protect your investments and mitigate the costs of cybersecurity, hardware maintenance, updated software, and IT staff training. You’ll no longer have to set aside funds for expensive, long-term IT upgrades or disaster clean up. The IT security and resources you need will be available to you for a regular, monthly rate.


Standards and Compliance

In the age of massive security breaches, businesses can no longer rely on building networks with only basic security. Businesses will not only be risking an attack, but they will also risk falling out of compliance with governing institutions. In addition to regular audits, many organizations are obligated to meet standards and requirements with their IT initiatives. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and Sarbanes–Oxley Act spell out rules regarding privacy, reporting and security in the healthcare, education, financial services and retail industries. Managed IT services understand the language of these compliance standards and can keep your business in good standing.

Managed incorrectly, IT necessities can be a drain of time and money. The in-house preparation needed to pursue opportunities and mitigate disasters can be enormous. Businesses across different industries have found that managed IT services take the hassle and guesswork out of IT, leaving them more agile and able to meet their operational goals. When it comes to how managed IT services can help you, this article has only touched the tip of the iceberg. For more information on managed IT and other IT solutions, reach out to SKYE Technologies today.