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A disaster can strike your network from any angle at any time. In today’s technology landscape, all networks are at risk from cyber-attacks. Even if you have a strong layer of defense, it’s crucial that your business has an effective backup strategy in place. Any cybersecurity issue can cripple your network, compromise your data, and bring your entire operation down.

The internet is always flooding with threats so it’s important to stand your ground every time. If you want your business to achieve monumental growth, make sure you have a backup disaster recovery and business continuity in motion. Plan ahead and utilize both of these protective strategies. Start practicing these approaches immediately.

Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR):

This may sound like a self-explanatory plan, but it can be much more comprehensive than what you probably think. BDR is a thorough blend of data backup plans and other disaster recovery solutions. When your office implements a BDR program, you’ll have the luxury of all the right hardware, 24/7 on-call support, and other cloud management programs.

When it comes to data recovery, a BDR is the best cloud backup service to utilize. It’s built to withstand any type of disaster; natural or virtual, rest assured knowing that your data will always be protected from the likes of:

  • Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires
  • Cyber-attacks
  • Malware or data corruptions
  • Hardware and software inefficiencies

In the wake of any of these types of disaster, a BDR program will help you recover your most precious source of data. These solutions are critical for your business functions. It can be the saving grace for your entire operation. With proper backup and disaster recovery support, you’ll be able to sleep well knowing that everything you need will always be attainable.

BDR’s are durable solutions that keep companies thriving even in the midst of catastrophe. This network solution will conserve all important files and documents needed to help your business succeed. Everything you need will be stored in the sophisticated data center. You’ll always be able to clear up enough cloud storage for you to protect your data with.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP):

Business continuity planning expands on the work of a BDR program. This is a process that employers’ practice to determine the condition of a business after things are hit by a disaster. Once things clear up, employers will inspect the network and the entire infrastructure of technology. It helps business leaders decide what route to take next.

After any type of disruption, employers will almost always act on some type of continuity strategy. This shows stakeholders if it’s worth it to continue business. BCP plans can increase the downtime of your operation. Employers need to always have an effective continuity strategy in place just in case you need to start rebuilding the business.

Maintain Protection with SKYE Technologies:

If you’re interested in backup recovery or business continuity, then contact one of our experts today. Our team is sharp with every aspect of BDR and BCP strategy. We’ll make sure to define the right plan at the right price no matter what. With SKYE Technologies, you’ll always have the right tools and a peace of mind to go along with it.

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